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I’ve been a big fan of Graham Elliot’s restaurants for years! His original, namesake resto has been wowing food-lovers since 2008, and when he opened his casual “Grahamwich” sammy shop, my love truly deepened (you’ve GOT to try the grilled cheese sandwich – it’s amazing!) Last month, he opened yet another delicious food-mecca – Graham Elliot Bistro (G.E.B. for short) in the oh-so-foodie-centric West Loop. I finally got around to having lunch on the patio – located in a cozy courtyard in the back of the building. As usual, the decor was engaging and fun (check out the rocker-vinyl menus), and the food was beautiful and right on point with fresh, seasonal ingredients. The pictures tell all – it’s a MUST try (the chicken was one of the best lunch entrees I’ve ever had!) – I almost ordered another helping of the heavenly gianduja beignets…I’ve been dreaming about them ever since! I’ve heard that their brunch is fantastic…maybe I’ll see you there soon on a sunny weekend?


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    June 28, 2012

    Looks pretty and real tasty! :) Wonderful photos too!




    July 4, 2012

    Thank you! Yes, it’s a delicious place.