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Design Spotlight {Kester Black}

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Pardon me for interrupting regular programming this week. As I continue to observe how my first Shellac Mani holds up for another week (—>; it’s not chipping, color is still great, but to be honest I’m getting a little sick of it), I’d like to share a very very cool company & its super dope products with you! Say hi to Kester Black, an Australian Jewelry company that has now also delved into the nail polish market. I know I say it all the time….but how cool are all of these Aussies, right!?? The colors are rich & on trend, and the simple and graphic bottle design is lovely. I really need to get my hands on these colors (pun intended)- the three shades above are my favorites. How amazingly saturated and BOOM is that purple shade!? Love it.

A big thank you to my friends at Kenedik Design Studio for introducing me to this awesome company!


{Images via KesterBlack.com.}