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Figs. They’re a wondrous and delicious fruit. I love them in all sorts of ways…simple and ripe on their own, wrapped with prosciutto or stuffed with goat cheese…as a deliciously sweet jam on my morning toast, and now I especially love them oven roasted!

I picked up a not-so-ripe bunch of figs at the market the other day (I just couldn’t resist…), and was wondering what to do with them. Figs don’t continue to ripen once they’re picked, so I knew I had to use them as soon as possible. Enter the Buttermilk Cake! I’ve baked this cake a few times before and love its moist texture and subtle spice. The apples are the secret behind the cake’s moist crumb, but they’re barely detectable as far as taste goes. I have to say, my idea of topping the cake with the roasted figs elevated the whole thing to another level! YUM!

I could see this cake as a perfect alternative to your standard pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. Just a thought.


P.S.: The almonds in the pictures are simply for decoration…although, on second thought, finely chopped almonds would make a nice addition to this cake. I’ll try that next time around!

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