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Doggylove {Is your Dog as fashionable as you?!}

Fashionably Fido

{From top left: Lucite Dog Bowls. Gold Leather Baggy Holder. Colorful Dog Beds. Geometric Printed Leash & Collar. Polka Dot Bow-Tie Collar. Casual Chic Carrying Bags. Headphones Hoodie. “Woof” Tee. Doggy Pool Float.}

Those among us who are loving dog owners really should ask ourselves this question every now and again: “Is my dog fashionable?” More importantly, is he/she even close to being as fashionable as you pretend to be are?!! If your answer is either “no” or “I don’t know”, then you need to re-assess your situation as a pet owner! Seriously. Being seen out & about with a less-than chic four-legged best friend will bring your personal style level down by at least 30%.

All kidding aside, how cool are these doggy products!? I think every dog deserves at leasat a few cool accessories in his/her life. Oh, and how hilariously amazing is that doggy pool floating device!? Bahaha!

Have a fun weekend, and give your pet a big kiss from me.



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    Jaime Lynn (@laviejaime)


    March 15, 2013

    these are too cute! love the woof- my doggy hates wearing things.




      March 18, 2013

      My dog also hates wearing any kind of clothing, but I’ll still try to trick him into it every now and then :-)