Miss Renaissance


Let’s get Fit {You can Prance if you want to!}


I’m usually not one to share other people’s “work” for the purpose of humor, but I really just couldn’t help myself here!! The Prancercise is amazing….I mean, why do I drag myself to the gym or suffer through intense spinning classes when I could just throw on a comfy & fab outfit and Prance down the street/path/park and feel fab??! Joanna Rohrback, the mastermind behind the Prancercise, even has a book available here – in case you want to get deeper and make Prancercising a lifestyle. Happy Monday!



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    Stephanie Piontkowski


    June 10, 2013

    This is amazing. Did you actually read the reviews on Amazon? They were hilarious!! Thanks for sharing! :)




    June 20, 2013

    I saw this on my friend’s fb! I thought it was a fake video…Until I saw the website! In a mildly serious statement, I was concerned that she was prancing to hard to one side and not the other; equal weight-distribution is key 😉