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Weekly Color Inspiration {Pools, Lakes, Parks…}

Green-Blue Essie Manicure by Miss Renaissance

{Lime green – Essie the more the merrier.  Teal – Essie Naughty nautical. Blue – Essie Bouncer, it’s me!}

Pools, Lakes, Picnics in Parks, the Beach…that’s what Summer’s made for! It looks like Essie got the hint, because all three of these fun colors are from the latest collections. I used them to create a loose ombre mix….and I like the result! It’s a perfect Summer mani, right?



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    July 24, 2013

    So FUN!! Love them against the black back drop… You are so good about those little details. :)


    In Budgets We Trust


    July 31, 2013

    Very pretty! I’m always a fan of teal color combos :)