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MIJLO – The Essentials


How much can we find out about a person by looking inside their bag? What do our essentials say about us and our lifestyle? These are a few of the questions new company MIJLO asked when they launched their recent “Essentials” project.  They asked 100 global creatives to take photos of their essentials – a collection of items they can’t live without. More often than not, our bag/our essentials are basically a microcosm of our lives, aren’t they? Let the voyeurism begin!! Oh, and yes, I decided to add a photo of my essentials as well as my brother’s, ya know – for giggles. Enjoy!

MIJLO EssentialsChristine of Fash N Chips

MIJLO Essentials Ryotatsu Tanaka of Studio Newwork

MIJLO Essentials Araya Jensen of Wind & Willow

MIJLO Essentials

Soren Hoj Thomsen of Cote&Ciel

MIJLO Essentials

Kumazaki Ryo of Studio Newwork

MIJLO EssentialsMaciej Tajber of Flash Art International

MIJLO Essentials

Fabrizio Querida of Querida

MIJLO Essentials

Tom Blachford of Tom Blachford

Stefan's Essentials

Stefan Daiberl of Hands and Lives

Eva's Essentials

Eva Daiberl of Miss Renaissance

MIJLO will soon be launching their first product, a simple, sustainably designed backpack which (they promise) will likely be the last bag we’ll ever need. Genius! Once I get over my Celine/Chanel/Givenchy addiction I swear, this backpack will be all I’ll ever carry! Until then, I’ll simply admire its simplicity and craftsmanship.




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    November 29, 2013

    I love the pop of yellow (a la banana) in a bag that is my color scheme. These are all so great!