Miss Renaissance


Sass and Bide // Greaty 180


You already know about my obsessive love for Australian fashion. It’s just easy, cool, innovative, with an edge that never feels contrived or forced, ya know? Aussie label Sass and Bide‘s current “Greaty 180” collection is incredible!! I could literally wear every single piece to death!! I can’t wait to get my hands on these styles once I arrive in Oz just a short few weeks from now for my Winter escape (more on that later, promise!)


Sass and Bide - Greaty 180S&B2 Sass and Bide - Greaty 180S&B3 S&B4 S&B5 S&B6 S&B7 S&B8 S&B10 S&B11 S&B12 S&B13 S&B14