Miss Renaissance


Home is wherever we are…


Happy 2014, Lovelies! I hope you all had a nice beginning to the new year. We’re in the middle of a crazy 3-day Snowmageddon-style storm here in Chicago, and I can’t WAIT to get out of here tomorrow (if my flight actually leaves)!!

With my Bondi Beach adventure imminent, I’ve been mentally getting into the beach spirit…so here’s a little video of 2 of my favorite “famous” dudes out there. Jack Johnson & Kelly Slater hanging by the beach, making some impromptu music. I know that Jack Johnson has been regarded as “overplayed” by some, but I still really like his music & the relaxed and positive vibe it creates. Both these men are incredibly talented in what they do and have lived their life the way they dreamed without excuses. Jack spends most of his time living in Hawaii making music, and Kelly mostly lives on the road traveling the Cali-Hawaii-Australia-Tahiti/Fiji-France circuit for surfing. What’s better than that?! Here’s to Freedom & Creativity!