Miss Renaissance


Design // Autumn De Wilde


How beautiful is THIS?! Photographer and artist Autumn De Wilde created this colorful & light-filled installation, aptly named Lighting, Layers and Reflections, as a backdrop for a new Cadillac ad campaign. I love the amazing landscape reflecting in these “houses” and the colors they reflect back onto the stark environment. De Wilde says that the Escalade 2015 served as inspiration for the two jewel-toned and reflective 7 x 12 foot houses – constructed in the California mountains out of plexiglass and mirror. Way to step it up with this design-focused campaign, Cadillac!! I wish this installation was permanent…would be a such great excuse for a photography road trip out West!


Autumn De Wilde Autumn De Wilde 3 Autumn De Wilde 4 Autumn De Wilde 5 Autumn De Wilde1