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Photography // Aquabumps Bondi


As you guys know, I’m super passionate about photography – especially if it’s created out of a true love for whatever the photographed subject may be (in my case – lots of food photography!)  Since moving to Bondi Beach, I’ve become majorly enamored with Bondi native Eugene (or “Uge” as he is called by the locals here) Tan’s beautiful photography of his favorite subject – the beach & surf scenes right here in Australia. Uge has been photographing the beach for over 15 years now…he has made a ritual of going out at daybreak and capturing his surroundings during the morning hours (often while surfing) almost every day since he began back in 2009. His local Bondi art gallery Aquabumps is incredibly popular and beautiful, and his photography prints are even more striking in person!! His aerial shots (taken while riding in a friend’s helicopter) of Bondi Beach are my personal favorites. The colors of the ocean are just amazing! I’m planning to pick a favorite image and bring back a large print to Chicago to forever remind me of this special time spent here in Bondi.


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