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Art // Shinichi Maruyama


Hello, Lovelies! I’m back from Bali & settling back into my second home here in Sydney. Bali was beautiful & so relaxing…but more on that another day! Now, let’s talk about my current art obsession…I am completely enamored with Japanese artist Shichini Maruyama’s Water Sculptures series. The beautiful impermanence of his images is so striking! Just think, none of these moments will ever be recreated, which makes each shot so perfectly unique. The artist uses his hands to “create” each moment and freezes it in time with his camera. The effect is so calming and serene.

Here’s what Shichini says about his work:

” I am fascinated by the fragility and incompleteness that exists with all things beautiful. I throw water into the air, and in mid-flight it changes shape constantly, being pulled by gravity and bursting with surface tension. Each flight barely lasts more than a second. In each moment, the water becomes a beautiful figure which can be defined as a “part man-made, part natural” sculpture. I wanted to capture these beautiful impermanent water sculptures by photographing them in the exact moment, when the essence of their existence is pure.”

What a simple but powerful concept!!


Shinichi Maruyama Water Sculpture2 Water Sculpture4