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Travel Lust – Fiji Memories


You know when that travel bug hits?! It slowly creeps up on you and all of a sudden BOOM, you feel like packing your bags and heading off to far-flung places on the first plane you can catch! I’ve been looking through some past travel pictures lately, and realized I never truly downloaded & shared an epic trip to Fiji from a few years ago…so here it is! If you’re considering visiting Fiji, make sure you not only enjoy the breathtaking beaches, private islands, and stunning resorts, but get off the beaten path a little and take time to visit the locals in their villages. They’re some of the most modest, but happy and open people I’ve ever met. Smiles all around.



The beautiful rooms at Vatulele Resort.

IMG_8097-2 IMG_8112-3

The only “danger” you’ll have to worry about here…


Village laundry day.

IMG_8142-5 IMG_8144-6 IMG_8146-7

Local women work tirelessly to create beautiful stamped “Tapa” cloth.

IMG_8167-8 IMG_8172-9 IMG_8180-10 IMG_8191-11

Some of the sweetest kids in the world!

IMG_8196-12 IMG_8198-13 IMG_8200-14 IMG_8201-15 IMG_8202-16 IMG_8206-17

A village elder preparing the traditional Kava drink to welcome us visitors (beware! If you’re not used to it, this stuff will make you sleeeepy!)


Your own little private island is just a short boat ride away!

IMG_8237-3 IMG_8257-1 IMG_8308-4 IMG_8310-5 IMG_8342-6 IMG_8356-7 IMG_8368-8

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    September 30, 2014

    Get out of town! This is all so beautiful.