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Travel // Bali Adventures


Hello, Lovelies & welcome to a (hopefully awesome) new week! Today, I wanted to take a little look back at my Bali adventure earlier this month. I had such a great time relaxing, exploring Bali’s beautiful beaches, checking out the food markets, biking through mountains and rice fields, savoring the local food (and even taking a super fun Indonesian cooking class!), meeting the locals and just generally soaking up the inspiring and magical vibes!

If you’ve never considered traveling to Bali, it’s time to put it on your bucket list!! It’s such a beautiful and spiritual place, and the Balinese people are among the most gracious and friendly I’ve ever encountered. I took part in a wonderful yoga & health retreat for women during my time there, which was a great way to safely experience the island while traveling solo (and it took most of the organization & guess-work out of the trip.)


Miss Renaissance's Bali Adventures IMG_0829 IMG_0846 IMG_0875 IMG_0913 IMG_0993 IMG_1024 IMG_1036 IMG_1125 IMG_1134 IMG_1147 IMG_1153 IMG_1158 IMG_1168 IMG_1173 IMG_1202 IMG_1219 IMG_1229 IMG_1268 IMG_1313 IMG_1347 IMG_1360 IMG_1369

Adventures // Bali Bound


Hello, Lovelies! I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend – wherever you may be. As much as I’m loving my time here in Australia, it’s time to pack my bags for a bit & head into the open skies….or to Bali to be exact. I’m joining a week-long yoga & health retreat in Seminyak and I am pumped! There will be lots of exploring, moving, stretching, meditating, reflecting, and enjoying island life. It’s been about 3 years since my last trip to Bali, and I can’t wait to soak in a different side of the island this time around. Last time I mainly got to explore Ubud & its surrounding mountain areas….below are a few of my favorite photos I took on that trip!

I’ll be taking a little time-out from the blog for the week, I hope you can forgive me. I promise to be back with some fun stories when I return to Sydney!

XOBali Bali Terrace Fields Monkey Forest


Photography // Aquabumps Bondi


As you guys know, I’m super passionate about photography – especially if it’s created out of a true love for whatever the photographed subject may be (in my case – lots of food photography!)  Since moving to Bondi Beach, I’ve become majorly enamored with Bondi native Eugene (or “Uge” as he is called by the locals here) Tan’s beautiful photography of his favorite subject – the beach & surf scenes right here in Australia. Uge has been photographing the beach for over 15 years now…he has made a ritual of going out at daybreak and capturing his surroundings during the morning hours (often while surfing) almost every day since he began back in 2009. His local Bondi art gallery Aquabumps is incredibly popular and beautiful, and his photography prints are even more striking in person!! His aerial shots (taken while riding in a friend’s helicopter) of Bondi Beach are my personal favorites. The colors of the ocean are just amazing! I’m planning to pick a favorite image and bring back a large print to Chicago to forever remind me of this special time spent here in Bondi.


Aquabumps Photography Aquabumps2 Aquabumps3 Aquabumps4 Aquabumps5 Aquabumps6 Aquabumps7 Aquabumps8 Aquabumps9

The Perfect Bondi Beach Outfit


It’s been a little over 2 weeks here in Bondi for me & I think I’ve figured out the local “uniform.” Now mind you, Bondi Beach is a Western Beach-side suburb of Sydney, so let’s forget all the big-city-formal & office-appropriate outfit stigmas for a moment. This neighborhood is chill, relaxed, all about the outdoors & the sun, and very much understated chic. That doesn’t mean people here get sloppy, oh no…every casual “accidentally” untucked tank & ripped piece of denim is carefully calculated. Heels are nowhere to be seen (thank goodness, some well-deserved rest for my feet!), and super tight dresses are definitely not a a focus. I’m really loving it!!

Below is my take on the perfect daytime (oh, who are we kidding…this will totally work for an evening drink in Bondi as well) outfit for my current ‘hood. All items are by local Aussie designers, except for the Birkenstocks – but trust me, those good old German sandals are having a MAJOR comeback here in Sydney!!The Perfect Bondi Beach Outfit


Shop it: Slouchy Hat, Sunglasses, Asymmetric Tank, Beaded Clutch, Lace Bralette, Knuckle Ring, Denim Shorts, Sandals.