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Givenchy Spring/Summer 2012


{Givenchy INSANITY for the coming Season! They have really pumped up their accessories collection. Want, need!!}

{My Nightingale, in a Tomato-Coral-hue. This bag makes me happy every day. It’s so functional & sturdy, and it brightens even the most monotone outfit.}

{Look at the perfect details….it’s something the French luxury brands out there seem to do oh so well…}

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! And welcome to Monday, anyone ready for a cocktail second cup of coffee already? I’m in the middle of last-minute packing. I’m off to L.A. in a few short hours. Will be eating, photographing, and shopping my way through the city – and I’ll do my best to keep you all updated on my adventures out West! But now, on to the real Post of the day:

Oh my WORD…where do I begin with Givenchy?! I’ve been a fan of the brand forever, but the past few years have been just stunning. Since his appointment as Creative Director of Womenswear in 2005, Riccardo Tisci has brought a fresh and edgy perspective to the brand, making it one of the most coveted fashion houses in the world. The upcoming accessories collection is all rock-glam with lots of exotic skins and rich metallics. The mirror effect on the gold “Antigona” purse (last row, middle) is beyond amazing, isn’t it!? Oh, and check out the leather cuff bracelets (middle row, left) – tough girl chic at its very best. I better start saving my pennies NOW. What’s your take on this collection?


{Top Collage pictures from Givenchy.com. 2nd+3rd picture by Miss Renaissance}


Expert Dance Moves…aka El Camino


Hello World! Today is Monday, which means tomorrow is just another weekday Tuesday. And why is that at all relevant, you ask?! Well, Tuesday is generally “New Record Release Day”, and this week it means the official release of The Black Keys‘ new album. It’s oddly named “El Camino” (even though the album cover depicts a broke-ass old van) and I can’t wait to groove to the bombastic riffs.

Above I’ve linked to the sneak preview of their (apparently low budget) video for “Lonely Boy”- a rad song that will hopefully get you guys going with a smile morning, day, and night. Some may call the Black Keys’ recent success lame or commercial, but I think this sound rocks! Try turning up your stereo all the way and moving a little….I hope it brightens your Monday!



Cold Comfort


  We, as collective “Chicagoans” are feeling the crazy cold set in! Winter is definitely here, and all I want to do is curl up at home by a warm fire rather than venture outside and explore my city. Enter Bite Cafe, one of my favorite neighborhood spots for lunch. On a particularly gloomy day last week I braved the elements and grabbed a comfy table by the window. I ordered one of my favorites – the Grilled Cheese + Soup Combo. Bite executed it perfectly, with crusty and warm bread, melted to perfection with a blend of artisan cheeses and chunks of savory sundried tomatoes. To accompany, they served a hot and steamy bowl of nicely seasoned Tomato-Fennel Soup. YUM!

What’s your favorite cold-weather comfort food?


{Top Photo courtesy of Bite Cafe, Bottom Photo by Miss Renaissance}




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