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Currently Baking {Orange Amaretti}

Miss Renaissance Miss Renaissance Miss Renaissance Miss Renaissance

Thanksgiving is almost here, and with it comes a wave of cooking/baking nostalgia for many of us! Do you have a favorite cake/cookie/pie/tart that always reminds you of the Holiday Season?? I’d love to hear about it!

In the meantime, let me introduce you to one of my childhood favorites – reinvented. As a kid growing up in Germany, we often vacationed in Italy during school breaks (it’s just a short drive away, afterall!) Italians love their almonds!! The traditional “Amaretti” cookie is a staple in Italy with its sweet & fragrant almond flavor and that crackly crust (hiding a deliciously chewy center.) I truly could eat these cookies by the handful! Most Americans tend to favor peanuts or pecans when baking cookies, but trust me – giving this intense almond flavor a chance will open new, delicious horizons for you!

This recipe is an easy & naturally gluten free version of the Italian staple. The addition of fresh orange zest gives the cookie a little brightness in flavor. Feel free to omit the orange zest or use lemon/lime instead. I really, really hope you try this recipe for yourself! It’s such a simple way to bring a little of the “Old World” into your house, and people are easily won over by the surprisingly new flavor.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, and I’ll see you back here on Friday.


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Currently Baking {Cherry-Amond Tart}

Miss Renaissance Cherry Almond Tart Miss Renaissance Cherry Almond



Yes, yes….I know you’ve been dying to continue the Sour Cherry Saga, haven’t you?? Me too…me too. Today I present one of my favorite flavor combos in the WORLD: Cherries (specifically, of the SOUR variety, of course) & Almonds! Yum. This combo always gives me the warm and fuzzy Summer feeling. It’s refreshing and sweet at the same time and this Tart is an excellent way to savior this dream combo. If you haven’t baked with Almond Paste before, don’t worry, it’s basically just a fancy mix of finely ground Almonds and Sugar. It’s deeeelish even on its own (if you love Almonds the way I do.) I have included the Tart filling recipe above, and the crust recipe is the same I used in my recent Strawberry Tart – HERE. I really hope you try this one for yourselves – it’s easy, delicious and an absolute crowd pleaser at parties and dinners!


{All Photos by Miss Renaissance.}