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The Miss Renaissance Workshop Series // Floral DIY

Miss Renaissance X Asrai Garden Workshop


Hello Lovelies. Happy Monday! I’ve got great news for you…especially for those local here in Chicago! I’m super excited to announce the first in a series of DIY workshops I’ve been planning. Yay!! I hope to see your lovely faces at the event – it will be a blasty blast. Here are the deets:

On Sunday, November 16th, Miss Renaissance will team up with Chicago floral boutique Asrai Garden to lead you in a creative afternoon of floral wreath making. Hosted at Lovely: A Bake Shop in Wicker Park, the afternoon will begin with delicious brunch fare, seasonal baked goods, a bloody mary bar & coffee. Elizabeth Cronin – owner and creative director of Asrai Garden – will then lead the group in a step-by-step tutorial on how to craft your own personal wreath to enjoy for the coming months. Come and spend a creative and delicious Sunday afternoon with new friends!

Get your tickets here: http://wreathwithus.eventbrite.com


Weekend Inspo – Follow the Links


Guess whooooo!? Yes, it’s me! I hope you haven’t completely forgotten me. This recent “blog break” was necessary to recharge my mind & soul after my epic Australia trip, and while I’ve had a fun Summer enjoying being back here in Chicago, I’m ready to share & inspire in this space.

I thought I’d start with a little Friday “Link Love”…just a few stories, recipes & such to get you going into the weekend! Hope you enjoy.


1. Pretzels are apparently trending, and being the German food addict that I am, I couldn’t be happier. I want to try these recipes asap!!

2. Need some fun & easy DIY ideas for your next vacation or road trip? This awesome local Chicago lady has you covered with her new E-Book!

3. We all have those days when we feel nothing but negativity and jump to “worst case scenarios” automatically. Here are some solid tips and lessons on how to be the most positive person in any situation. It’s healthy for you and will inspire others around you!

4. You can take me out of Australia, but you can’t take away my continued obsession with Oz fashion! Dion Lee’s current collection is insanity!!!

5. With New York Fashion Week now in full swing, eternal legend Bill Cunningham weighs in on what the shows are really supposed to be all about.

6. I am getting that travel itch again, and this is a trip I’d absolutely LOVE to take!


It’s DIY Time {Next Level Succulent Pots!}

DIY Gold-Leafed Succulent Pots by Miss Renaissance

{This is all you need! Spray paint is easiest, but any type of acrylic paint will do.}


{Once painted, let your pots dry completely before applying the Gold leaf.}


{Apply washi tape (or painters tape) to section off the area you’d like to Gold Leaf. Then apply a thin layer of glue so the Gold Leaf can stick.}

DIY Gold-Leafed Succulent Pots by Miss Renaissance

{Voila! Once you’re done Gold Leafing the shapes you dreamt up, you’ll be ready to plant your succulents.}


{What do you think? So much prettier than the lame old clay pots, right?}


{If you plan to keep your pots inside, you’re done! If you plan to display them outside, make sure you spray the pots with a clear sealant first to weather proof!}


It’s Spring…and Spring makes me think of pretty plants…and pretty plants, naturally, make me think of dope DIYs! You follow me? Yeah, me neither.

Anyway, back to DIY-ing. I’ve been looking forward to sprucing up my plain clay pots for a while now, and this past weekend the weather was nice enough to venture outside for a little spray painting. I went to my local garden shop and purchased a few adorable succulents/cacti (easy to take care of – I’m no green thumb by any means!) and got to work! I’m really happy with how they turned out, what do you think?!


{All images by Miss Renaissance.}


It’s DIY Time {Leather Tassels…to the next level}

DIY Leather Tassels by Miss Renaissance DIY Leather Tassels by Miss Renaissance DIY Leather Tassels by Miss Renaissance DIY Leather Tassels by Miss Renaissance DIY Leather Tassels by Miss Renaissance DIY Leather Tassels by Miss Renaissance DIY Leather Tassels by Miss Renaissance

Tassels are a damn good thing. Seriously. Put them on your key chain. Spruce up one (or two or three) of your purses. Attach them onto a jacket zipper. Use them to accessorize your dog’s leash. Wear them as a necklace.

As you can tell….I could go on and on here. Hand-made leather tassels have been featured here & there over the last months, but I always felt that they lacked a certain “spunk.” Ya know, a little addition of glitter, ribbon, washi tape or extra color! I could never find the perfectly sparkly, bright, fun tassel I wanted – so I finally decided to take matters into my own hands.

I’m really happy with the results! All you need is leather scraps (or vinyl, if you’d like vegan tassels) and a few other supplies from your local craft store. Making these tassels is surprisingly easy…I made all of these babies in 2 evenings (while sipping some wine & listening to music – my happy place.) I hope you attempt these (they make awesome gifts) & try to put your own spin on them. Let me know if you run into problems or have any questions!


{All images by Miss Renaissance.}


It’s DIY Time {Easter Egg Mania}

DIY Easter Eggs by Miss Renaissance DIY Easter Eggs by Miss Renaissance DIY Easter Eggs by Miss Renaissance DIY Easter Eggs by Miss Renaissance DIY Easter Eggs by Miss Renaissance

Hello hello, Lovelies! I hope you had a wonderful first Spring weekend.

Speaking of Spring, Easter is almost upon us…and even if you don’t officially celebrate Easter, decorating for Spring is always more fun with some pretty eggs, right? I decided to go all the way with my Easter Eggs this year – and all the way for me naturally means tons of metallics, tons of glitz & my favorite Washi Tapes!! You can use hard-boiled eggs for this, or you can blow out your eggs first. I blew them out this year, because I’m planning to display these for a few weeks & maybe even use them again next year. If you’ve never blown out eggs, this video tutorial explains everything (it’s simple once you do an egg or two.)

K, so here’s the DIY Scoop: For the metal-leafed eggs I like to use  Mona Lisa Speedball Metal Leaf. It’s not too pricey, comes in different metal shades & it’s easy to use. Simply spray your eggs with a bit of spray adhesive (much easier than the gooey adhesive you need to paint on with a brush!), wait a few minutes for it to get tacky & apply the metal leaf carefully by hand. All you need to finish it is a super soft brush (I like to use a big make-up brush) to press the metal leaf into place an BAM – amazingly shiny eggs! To create simple patterns on the metal-leafed eggs like I did, just use a strip or two of Washi Tape & remove the tape after you’ve finished leafing – the contrast between the white egg shell and the shiny metal is really stunning! Oh, and if you’re planning to keep these eggs for more than one Season, I recommend spraying them with a sealant to protect them for the future. If you want to learn more about the basics of metal leafing, this video is super helpful.

For the Washi Taped eggs, you can let your imagination run totally wild. I picked my favorite rolls of tape and cut them into triangles, thin strips & small rectangles to create fun & modern patterns. The tape sticks really well to the egg shell – it’s super fast and easy! For some extra dimension, I added a strip of fabric ribbon to one of my Washi eggs…just use any fabric/all-purpose glue you have lying around to attach the ribbon to your eggs.

Happy DIY-ing! I’d love to hear about & see pics of any egg projects you guys come up with.


{All images by Miss Renaissance.}