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Whistler Adventures {Part 2}

Miss Renaissance

{We hauled freshly made goodies up Whistler Mountain to have a beautiful picknick/photoshoot on top of the world!}

Miss Renaissance Whistler Ace Camp Miss Renaissance Ace Camp

{Our last day was spent exploring the Whistler Farmer’s Market and doing more shooting at a beautiful old lakeside house….colorful & charming details were hiding everywhere.}

Miss Renaissance Food Photography Miss Renaissance Food Photography Miss Renaissance Whistler Farmers Market

{Deliciously fresh Farmer’s Market Loot!}

Miss Renaissance Food Photography Miss Renaissance Food Photography

{Fresh & juicy peaches transformed into a beautiful Fruit Galette…}


{Here’s yours truly…caught in the act of enjoying my very first yellow watermelon! YUM!}

Hello, Lovelies! Let’s take a break from the Fashion Week Coverage for just a quick second to get back to the beauty of food, shall we?! This is the 2nd (and last…sniff) part of my amazing Whistler Food Photography Adventure with Ace Camps & Aran of Cannelle et Vanille. I think the images speak for themselves here…beautiful scenery, amazing colors, the freshest food available – what else could a food & photography obsessed girl want!?! I miss these days spent in nature with nothing but fresh air and fresh produce to play with (especially after all of the craziness of Fashion Week in new York!).


{All Photos by Miss Renaissance.}


Whistler Adventures {Part 1}

Miss Renaissance Ace Camp

{Our first day was spent preparing & styling fresh foods and taking our first stabs at creating the perfect picture…}

Miss Renaissance Ace Camp Miss renaissance Ace Camp Whistler Miss renaissance Whistler Ace camp Photography Miss Renaissance

{Our 2nd day was spent at North Arm Farm and was filled with beautiful vistas, amazing colors, cute farm animals and fresh produce for us to pick, eat, admire & of course, photograph…}

Miss Renaissance Food Photgraphy Miss Renaissance Blueberries Whistler Miss Renaissance Ace Camp Miss renaissance Photography

{How beautiful are these beets…pulled right from the ground minutes before I took this picture…}

Miss Renaissance

Hello Lovelies! Welcome back to a short week. How was your Holiday??

I’m so excited to finally share the images from my recent Food Styling & Photography trip with Ace Camps to Whistler, B.C.! I had some extra hours free for editing over the weekend, so here is the first part of my Canadian Adventure (second part to follow soon!)

As you can see the weather was absolutely gorgeous and the landscape was breathtaking to say the least. I loved every minute of this camp experience with Aran of Cannelle et Vanille. Learning, experimenting with lighting and different camera settings, preparing fresh food, and sharing the experience with a super creative & talented group of people was a dream come true for me!


{All images by Miss Renaissance.}


West Coast Charmer {Amandine}


{Delicious Breakfast Pastries & a Perfect Cafe Latte – what else does a girl need in the morning?}

{Feel like a more substantial meal to start your day? Options abound.}

{Fresh Seasonal Fruit Tarts…it’s like being back in Europe.}

I’m so excited to tell you about one of my favorite places in Los Angeles! Amandine is a beautifully cozy, European-Style Bakery & Cafe in West LA. I never take a trip out West without at least stopping in for a Coffee & a Pastry. This time around I came armed with my camera and little bit of time to spare. I found out (not to my surprise) that they make everything they sell completely from scratch – even more reason to support this small business. If you live in LA, or ever visit, stop in and try one of their heavenly slices of cake, tart, or just pick up a loaf of freshly baked bread for dinner – and save me a slice!

And with that I leave you to your own devices on this beautiful Holiday Weekend. Have a great time celebrating and feasting with your loved ones. I’ll see you right here next week.


{All Pictures by Miss Renaissance.}


It’s Whoopie Time!


{Red Velvet Whoopies with Cream Cheese Filling & a “bonus” Graham Cracker Layer.}

{Up-Close & Delicious.}

Do you ever find yourself torn between that generous bite of a Perfectly Frosted Cupcake & a Delicious Soft-Baked Cookie? Well, here’s the amazing solution: Whoopie Pies with a bonus layer!!! Genius! These babies are divine! The Graham Cracker bonus layer adds just the right amount of texture and dimension to an already delicious Whoopie. I can think of endless flavor variations on this recipe, but this combo is an absolute must!!

Made you hungry?! Here are the recipes for the Red Velvet Whoopie with Cream Cheese Filling and the Graham Cracker Layer. Happy Baking, and let me know how they turn out.


{All Photos by Miss Renaissance}


Currently Brunching at…


{A Mix of Impressions at Bakin & Eggs…isn’t it lovely?!}

{The most delicious BLT (+Eggs)…check out that perfectly crunchy bacon!}

{…rounded out with a side of nicely seasoned Potatoes.}

{The Breakfast Burrito is a favorite of mine. It’s slightly spicy and goes SO well with their kick-ass cheesy grits.}

{On to the sweeter side of Brunch: the incredibly decadent Banana-Pecan Bread Pudding French Toast (Wow), in a creamy bath of Brown-Sugar-Butter-Sauce.}

{It’s a Thing of Beauty! And totally worth the extra few pounds you’ll potentially gain.}

{If you like your French Toast with a little more variety as far as sauces are concerned, go for the French Toast-3-Sauce-Trio. Your warm slices of French Toast will arrive with a Banana-Rum Cream Sauce, an incredibly tasty Chocolate-Hazelnut Ganache, and some nicely softened Butter.}

Oh how I love a good Brunch! I have many beloved Brunch places around this city, but Bakin & Eggs is one of my absolute faves. It’s a bright, modern space and the owners, Bob and Gina Hartwig, are the most welcoming people. The Brunch rush can get pretty serious here, so come early, come during the week, or be prepared to chill out with some serious Intelligentsia Coffee & a delicious Blueberry Muffin (baked by their sister location – Lovely Bakeshop) and people-watch while you wait for your table.

I went to Bakin & Eggs on a quiet post-lunchtime afternoon this week and Bob expertly prepared these 4 (above pictured) incredible-looking plates of food for me to photograph (and later, attempt to eat – by myself!!) Everything looked and, of course, tasted delicious. So…if you love Brunch like I do, and are looking for a new place to try, look no further. Bon Apetit, my Friends!


{All Photos by Miss Renaissance}