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{iPhone} Postcard from Alt Summit

Alt Summit 2013 by Miss Renaissance

{My favorite business cards so far. I’m so impressed with the amount of creativity all around me here!!}


{Beautiful florals by Sarah Winward made me smile at every corner.}


{The life-sized map inside the Bing Lounge pinpoints everyone’s hometown via their biz cards. Chicago represent!!}


{In usual Miss Renaissance fashion I had a little too much fun in the Smilebooth…}

Thread art

{In love with this amazing Thread Art by Dominique Falla.}

Happy Friday & hello after an amazing 1st day spent at Alt Summit! This place is intense!! I’ve met so many incredibly creative & talented people in just one day…I can’t wait to see what the next few days have in store.

For me, the best part of the day was listening to one of my favorite photographers & all-around female idols, Jasmine Star, speak about creating your own brand. Jasmine’s a self-made dreamer who has achieved so much personally & creatively…a true inspiration to go after your dreams & dream BIG!

Have a wonderful weekend, Lovelies!

P.S.: I was “Mr Plum” for last night’s Clue-themed party. People got insanely creative with their costumes!!



Ok, I admit it….{The Jig is up}


{I am apparently ready for the Headbangers Ball…}

{Simultaneously jumping, giving the “thumbs up” AND looking terrified for no apparent reason. Now that’s multitasking at its finest!}

Ok people, it’s time to come clean. Whenever I see a Smilebooth setup I turn into a total weirdo FREAK! I don’t know what it is…but the allure of taking tons of {insane} pictures at the push of a button in front of a fun & colorful wall just brings out the inner freak in me! As you can see, last weekend’s Dose Market had a nifty Smilebooth setup – which I pretty much dominated the entire afternoon. Oops. I’d love a Smilebooth at my house…though, I might never leave if I actually had one.

Have a fantastic weekend, Lovelies!