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Travel // Bali Adventures


Hello, Lovelies & welcome to a (hopefully awesome) new week! Today, I wanted to take a little look back at my Bali adventure earlier this month. I had such a great time relaxing, exploring Bali’s beautiful beaches, checking out the food markets, biking through mountains and rice fields, savoring the local food (and even taking a super fun Indonesian cooking class!), meeting the locals and just generally soaking up the inspiring and magical vibes!

If you’ve never considered traveling to Bali, it’s time to put it on your bucket list!! It’s such a beautiful and spiritual place, and the Balinese people are among the most gracious and friendly I’ve ever encountered. I took part in a wonderful yoga & health retreat for women during my time there, which was a great way to safely experience the island while traveling solo (and it took most of the organization & guess-work out of the trip.)


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Adventures // Bali Bound


Hello, Lovelies! I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend – wherever you may be. As much as I’m loving my time here in Australia, it’s time to pack my bags for a bit & head into the open skies….or to Bali to be exact. I’m joining a week-long yoga & health retreat in Seminyak and I am pumped! There will be lots of exploring, moving, stretching, meditating, reflecting, and enjoying island life. It’s been about 3 years since my last trip to Bali, and I can’t wait to soak in a different side of the island this time around. Last time I mainly got to explore Ubud & its surrounding mountain areas….below are a few of my favorite photos I took on that trip!

I’ll be taking a little time-out from the blog for the week, I hope you can forgive me. I promise to be back with some fun stories when I return to Sydney!

XOBali Bali Terrace Fields Monkey Forest


Home is wherever we are…


Happy 2014, Lovelies! I hope you all had a nice beginning to the new year. We’re in the middle of a crazy 3-day Snowmageddon-style storm here in Chicago, and I can’t WAIT to get out of here tomorrow (if my flight actually leaves)!!

With my Bondi Beach adventure imminent, I’ve been mentally getting into the beach spirit…so here’s a little video of 2 of my favorite “famous” dudes out there. Jack Johnson & Kelly Slater hanging by the beach, making some impromptu music. I know that Jack Johnson has been regarded as “overplayed” by some, but I still really like his music & the relaxed and positive vibe it creates. Both these men are incredibly talented in what they do and have lived their life the way they dreamed without excuses. Jack spends most of his time living in Hawaii making music, and Kelly mostly lives on the road traveling the Cali-Hawaii-Australia-Tahiti/Fiji-France circuit for surfing. What’s better than that?! Here’s to Freedom & Creativity!




A Journey Awaits

Off to Oz

Did you guys know that about a year before this blog ever came to exist, I spent 3 months solo living & traveling in Argentina? It was a wonderful adventure – I rented a small apartment in Buenos Aires, signed up for Spanish classes (I only knew a few words when I arrived in Argentina), explored the city and other parts of the country, ate incredible local food, made some fun Argentine & other international friends, and generally learned a lot about life, myself and the world outside of my comfort zone. I believe that this type of longer-term, solo travel is essential to developing your place in the world and recognizing who you are & who you want to become. Taking risks to leave your home and discover a new place from more than just a basic tourist standpoint is challenging and exciting. I can only recommend it to all of you!!

My Argentina adventure is now a little more than 3 years behind me, and I’ve been itching to get out and do it again for a while now….and the time has finally come! Yayy!! This weekend, I’m off to Australia for 3 months. I’m incredibly excited to get away from Chicago’s harsh winter and onto Sydney’s warm beaches. I rented a cute little place right by Bondi Beach & I can’t wait to explore sides of Sydney I haven’t yet seen as well as the country in general. I’ve been to Australia for short trips before (the above picture is from my last trip to Sydney) and loved it there so much, but never got the chance to truly get to know the local culture.

I’ll continue blogging from my Aussie home-away-from-home, but I hope you guys cut me some slack if posting will be a little irregular while I get my feet wet and find my bearings. Oh, and if any of you have suggestions or recommendations on places to see, restaurants to try, shops to check out etc., please send them my way. I’d love to add them to my list of to-do’s and must-see’s!!!