We are a group of people that are passionate and enthusiastic about creating. Whether be it decors, scrapbooks, food, or anything you can do with your hands, we are game with it. With this, we are also able to gather many of our crafty friends and able to meet other people as enthusiastic as us. We can share different tips and techniques. We are also able to try something new together. Do you have the same passion as us? You can join through this blog.

But first, let us meet the people who made all these possible:


She is always fond of crafting and tries out everything. Her first love would always be everything home decor. With that, she opens up a business doing various items that will make someone’s home beautiful and welcoming.


She loves hosting small events and parties. She also loves making food. She always comes up with new twists to her recipes to make them more fresh yet pleasing to her guests.


As a mom and crafter, she always wants to do something fun yet meaningful with her kids. Painting, paper crafting, and jewelry making are their go-to bonding activities. She also loves to memory keep all of their moments and have done a lot of scrapbooking and mini albums.